Wales Township

Wales Township

St.Clair County, MI

Wales Township Officials


Elizabeth Masters
Cell: 810-543-3058                    Work: 810-325-1517 ext 14

Available by appointment


Cynthia Bobcean
P: 810-325-1517 ext 12
Deputy Clerk: Mary LaFore          P: 810-325-1517 ext 13


Elisha Messina
P: 810-325-1517 ext 16
Deputy Treasurer: Patty Mikolajczyk                                  P: 810-325-1517 ext 17



Carly Kimmen-Demil
P: 810-325-1517

Jason Downey
P: 810-325-1517


Dan Bosman
P: 810-650-3390


Carly Kimmen-Demil
P: 810-325-1517 ext 15
Available at the hall generally on Tuesdays or by appointment

Administrative Assistant

Nichole Symes-Hoskins

P:810-325-1517 ext 10

Zoning Administrator/Building Official

Jim Waddy
P: 810 -650-1714

Planning Commission

Kevin Glass
Kevin Watkins
Gayle Perry
David Jewell- Chairperson
Nicole Downey- Vice Chair
Bruce Affelt
Carly Kimmen-Demil- Board Rep

Board of Review

Richard McClelland
Philip Pokriefka
Judy Duncan – Alternate
Adam Agotesku

Zoning Board of Appeals

John Minor
Terry Maki- Alternate
William Gilmer- Chairperson
Scott Hall- Vice Chair
Chris Sulkowski- Secretary            Kevin Glass- Planning Rep

Parks and Recreational Committee

Gordon Ruttan
Patty Mikolajczyk
Elisha Messina
Nicole Downey