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Wales Township Officials

Supervisor: Elizabeth Masters  Available by appointment -  Call 810-543-3058
Deputy Supervisor: Judy Duncan

Clerk: Cindy Bobcean Call 810-325-1517 
Deputy Clerk: Linda Waddy

Treasurer: Elisha Messina Call 810-325-1517 
Deputy Treasurer: Patty Mikolajczyk

Trustee:  -  Call 810-325-1517

Trustee:  Larry Thomson - Call 810-325-1517

Constable: Dan Bosman - Call 810-650-3390

Assessor:  Carly Kimmen -
Available at the hall generally on Tuesdays or by appointment - Call 810-325-1517
Sexton: John Galbraith - Call 810-367-3875 (home)
Zoning Administrator:  Jim Waddy  -  Call 810 -650-1714

Planning Commission:
John Minor
Dave Basnaw                                        
Larry Thomson
Kevin Watkins
Gayle Perry
David Jewell                                                                     
Nicole Downey

Board of Review:
Richard McCelland
Philip Pokriefka
Judy Duncan - Alt. & Secretary

Zoning Board of Appeals:
John Minor - Chairman

 - Board of Trustees Rep.
Terry Maki
William Gilmer
Scott Hall

Parks and Recreational Committee:
Gordon Ruttan
Patty Mikolajczyk
Elisha Messina
Nicole Downey